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How long will it take for my vehicle to be imported?

Once the vehicle has been packed into a container and it has left Long Beach CA, it take 3 weeks to arrive in Brisbane, we then allow a week for inspection at Australian customs. 

(Please note MW USA Imports are not responsible for delays which are out of our control).

How much will it cost?

MW USA Imports charge a one off fee of $750.00 to import your vehicle, this includes completion of all relevant paperwork. Additional charges include freight of $2046.00 and Australian Government charges of approx. $1800.00. 

Additionally, the team are happy to arrange insurance for your vehicle from USA pick up, to its arrival address in Australia. This is organised through an external insurance company, contact Shelley for a quote. 

The customs entry charge on your vehicle is calculated when it arrives in Australia. These charges are calculated in Australian dollars and can vary dependant on value.

All vehicles arrive in Brisbane and are then transported to Toowoomba for collection. The team can arrange delivery to your home town, after inspection at the Toowoomba depot.

A $200.00 towing fee is applicable for relocation to Toowoomba.

Please note if additional cleaning is required by Australian Customs these charges are passed onto the relevant customer.

Contact Shelley for a current shipping quote.

What happens once my vehicle/ part has been ordered?

MW USA Imports take care of everything for you. You can either find the vehicle yourself or have one of our team members help you locate a car. Parts can ordered without any consultation with us. However it is important that you send your invoice/ order to us via email, with your tracking number and contact details. 

Parts are charged at $440.00 per cubic metre, plus customs entry charges of approximately 12% of USD value of your order. There is also a $20.00 charge per delivery for goods handling in USA. 

Please contact Shelley for the USA shipping address.


Can I book my vehicle into Warren's Speedshop?


The team in Warren's Speedshop would love to work on your car. Contact Warren or Shelley to discuss.

Where is the MW USA Imports depot located in the United States?

Our USA depot is located in Long Beach CA 90813, approximately one hour from Los Angeles, California.

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