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Operating from our Toowoomba based workshop we work directly with our agents on the ground in the United States, to directly import vintage and classic American cars, pickups and motorcycles parts, and memorabilia to you.
MW USA Imports will turn your vehicle dreams into motoring reality. Our services will help you buy the American vehicle you want from guaranteed reputable sources, and we’ll take care of all import related paperwork from start to finish. Get the vehicle or part you need without having to travel overseas.

We don’t just import cars, pickup’s and motorcycles, at MW USA Imports we also offer memorabilia, imports of rare and custom parts, and our unique gift shop on site is guaranteed to have the perfect gift for any motor enthusiast or vintage collector.

If your classic or vintage vehicle needs repairs, alterations or even a full restoration, with over 30 years industry experience be sure to check out Warren’s Speedshop on site at our Dexter Street, Toowoomba premises.



What we offer at MW USA Imports

F11 Top Coat

Do you know MW USA Imports is Australia’s first official distributor of F11 Top Coat? Get in touch today.

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